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Canadian Dyslexia Centre: Dyslexia Specialists in Ottawa

Screening and Treating Dyslexia
The Canadian Dyslexia Centre is your source of information, support and training for dyslexia. Based in Ottawa, our centre serves an international clientele. We are the creators of the SMT method, an easy to use method for teachers and parents to encourage the learning and screening of the child with characteristics of dyslexia.

Though we are not psychologists, we evaluate the characteristics of dyslexia in order to teach to read and write with an appropriate method. Call us for more information!

Canadian Dyslexia Centre

Before the National Institutes of Health in the U.S.A. began to research dyslexia in the 1980s, dyslexia could only be diagnosed by exclusion. That is, if a child’s reading difficulties could not be explained by limited intelligence, auditory or vision problems, the lack of access to education or another problem, it would be deduced that the child was dyslexic.

This did not satisfy parents, teachers or researchers, and efforts were made to fill the knowledge gap about dyslexia.
Canadian Dyslexia Centre

« A new partnership with GlobalEdu will introduce the SMT method to the Middle East and Africa. »